Croydon bus crash sees motorist held on suspicion of drink driving

A bus driver driving on route 168 has been taken into custody on suspicion of drunk driving after causing a multiple car crash and crushing into a bus shelter wounding more than 20 people some seriously. The mid noon crash created havoc and commotion as the double decker London bus driver crashed first into a civilian motor car then onto another bus before digging into the group of people waiting at a bus station shelter at Croydon bus station. A metropolitan police officer speaking about the mattress that 20 people were taken into hospital with varying degrees of injuries, some treated and released but one teenage girl was in critical condition and is still in intensive care unit fighting for her life.

He also clarified that the driver of the I’ll fated bus was taken into lawful custody on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol. If found to be culpable the public prosecution department will have no other option than to prefer charges against the driver for causing bodily harm and endangering lives due to drunk driving. Drink driving carries a heavy penalty where he could be jailed, fined or both and probably lose his driving license. Fines could range between a few hundred to thousands of British pounds.

The bus driver who is said to have plied the same route for more than 30 years could not be reached for comments but fellow colleagues rallied to his defence dismissing rumours of intoxication among one of their workmates. The drivers blamed the poor state of the roads leading to the Croydon station for the midday smash. The bus companies’ officials could not be reached for comments.

The metropolitan police officer confirmed that the family of the seriously injured teen have been notified of her predicament. He also called on the members of the public who could be having any information on the mid-morning smash to avail themselves and help the police department with the investigation of the same. He also took the time to wish all the injured a quick recovery.

Accidents do happen either due acts of commission or omission so we one occurs the best way forward is to thoroughly investigate the cause and find a remedy such that the event does not keep recurring, leading to loss of life, limb, time and resources. Drunk driving is the single most contributing factor to most accidents occurring globally and Britain is no exception. Other factors such as mechanical failure, poor road workmanship, obstruction by other road users and carelessness. Among pedestrians do contribute a less significant amount of casualties but their total input into the Carnage from the roads pales in comparison with the so biggest contributing factor to dear and destruction on the road, intoxicated driving, bringing the need for drink driving lawyers‌.

As the community at Croydon shakes off the dust raised from mid-noon crash, we as the community would like to urge the metropolitan police department to speed up their investigation into the crash that occurred into our midst and if the bus driver was drunk on duty, the laws of the land are clear unto the consequences of such an action.

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