Asian Families in Manchester the Victims of Paedophilia Claims’

Swatting is becoming a trend in the modern world. It is heartbreaking when an individual lures law enforcer to raid residential homes by just fabricating claims that people were in real danger. Innocent Asian Families in Manchester the Victims of ‘Hoax Paedophilia Claims

Due to a hoax, many people have been raided or even attacked by the police. During the past few days in Greater Manchester, residences of Asian families were raided after an American woman posted fake profiles on the Internet asserting that the families in question were paedophiles as well as child slayers.

A police spokesperson in Greater Manchester said that they had received such claims from the same woman spanning the past twelve months. The alleged woman, Nibah Gazi, now 4o, and a resident of New Jersey is claimed to be the person who made the hoax that resulted to the police force waking up of a couple, parents and children late in the night. Apart from the Asian families, a 51-year old, Rangzib Nazir, a music promoter living in Oldham, stated that he was also a victim of swathing while being interviewed during the Manchester Evening News. Rangzib Nazir reported that A US-based woman called him in the fall of last year requesting for some booking acts held in the United States.

When he declined the offer, the woman promised to ‘annihilate’ him. To emphasize her hoax, the woman posted texts on a social platform asserting that indeed she is a member of Paedophiles or the grooming group. Thankfully, he had access to family law firms Manchester‌ options who could help him and his family, but the event was still traumatic.

The tormentor kept posting that I’m the paedophile and people should stop associating with me. As if that was not enough, she tagged me in Newspapers, the EDL, the FBI, and the police telling the whole world that I was taken into custody. Again, she contacted artists and promoters informing them to stop working with me.

Three months later, the woman called the police to report that Rangzib was holding captive his entire family at gunpoint. Early in the morning, Nasir got a message from the woman notifying him that he had been surrounded by the police. To his surprise, he saw about 17 police cars and armed police officers.

Close associates of Nasir have been the victims of the alleged hoax. For instance, Rizwan Mahmood, arrived his residential home to discover that the police had smashed the frontage opening of his house and gained access to the house trying to find a child who was claimed to be in danger. Rizwan indicated that was the 3rd time the police had visited to carry out some investigations. All of which was a hoax.

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